Working groups

Discover our working groups!

We have created working groups in which active members can take part, if they wish. The different working groups take place about once or twice a month, depending on their needs. In these groups we will discuss and progress on key working goals. Here is a description:


The working group on members is responsible for integrating members into the cooperative, for answering their questions, for insuring a followup on new admissions and for communicating information to the working group responsible for communication. This working group will furthermore organize the work done by the volunteers, plan exclusive events reserved for the members and organize training for active members.


This working group is responsible for setting up specifications on structure and content of our future website. The group will also take bids and choose the future provider.


This group will handle the accounts of the project and search for possible financing. It will also be responsible for editing demands and applications for grants.


This group is responsible for finding and contacting people and organizations, that would be able to offer a workshop in our shop once it is open. The group will register their availabilities, fees and conditions.


The working group on communication is responsible for the dissemination of internal and external information, i.e. insuring our presence on social networks, editing for the website, event-marketing, editing and dispatching of our newsletter, creation of leaflets and contact to media. The active members of this group will write articles and recipes for the blog on the website and will create several films (script, actors, assembly).


This group will furnish the shop, from choice of material and furniture. This group is also responsible for finding an ecological delivery solution.


This group will select the products that will be sold in the shop. The members will search for producers giving priority to those that are local and organic, compare prices and update product and distributor lists.


This group is responsible for planning and organizing different events in which OUNI will take part.


This group will measure the social and environmental impact that OUNI will have.


This group will assemble all relevant information on selling in bulk and edit a guideline that will be used by personnel and active members, that work in the shop.