With over 30% of all consumer waste generated from packaging, OUNI gives customers the opportunity to actively live a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.


The store features a wide range of organic, local and/or fair-trade food, household and hygiene products, all packaging-free or in reusable packaging such as glass jars.


Not only a place to shop, OUNI acts as a community hub, with a café space and regular workshops and events on a range of environmental topics, such as waste prevention, recycling, repair and DIY.

The aim of the store is to provide all the food and non-food products necessary for everyday life. 

The store currently stocks about 700 products, which will be gradually increased to around 1000.

The products are sold in bulk or in reusable packaging such as glass jars on deposit, and are organic and locally produced, or certified fair trade if not available locally. All efforts are made to state the country of origin and producer for every product, as well as the ingredients and allergens.

The product categories are:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • bread and pastries
  • dairy products
  • dry goods
  • spices and condiments
  • beverages
  • personal hygiene products
  • household cleaning products



Dry goods

You bring your own reusable containers with you to fill up. If you don’t have any, we provide reusable jars and cotton bags for purchase.

A scale is installed next to the counter to weigh empty containers. It prints a waterproof label to stick on the container that is then read by the product scales and will stay on your container for months if you wish. Since the initial weight of the containers will be deducted automatically from the total weight, you can use any container you’d like from home.


We offer primarily products from local suppliers that respect the principles of organic farming. Larger organic producers and wholesalers complete the range of offered products.

By shopping at OUNI, you can reduce not only your waste but also protect your health and that of your family by limiting exposure to toxic substances from non-organic products as well as the plastic-packaging that it usually comes in.


OUNI is a cooperative business, which means that it is fully owned and operated by its members. You can actively support OUNI by becoming a member of the cooperative. Active members also offer two hours of their time each month to work in the store alongside the employees, and in exchange get benefits such as 5% off their purchases and 50% off workshops.

Our goal is to develop a decision-making process that is as democratic as possible, allowing everyone to have a voice and an influence on the functioning of the cooperative. The principle of “one member, one vote” applies. Thus, regardless of the number of shares owned by a person, he/she will have only one vote in decision-making.

We further support our community of members and customers by offering an environmentally-friendly bike delivery service (coming in 2017), a coffee corner, a kids’ corner, conferences and DIY workshops, and a cozy space to meet.