About the coop

We are now looking for new members who want to get involved in the decision making and organization of OUNI. Join us!

OUNI is a cooperative business, which means that it is fully owned and operated by its members. You can actively support OUNI by becoming a member of the cooperative.

We offer 2 types of memberships:


  • have the right to vote in the General Meetings (each member has one vote regardless of the number of shares owned)
  • can be elected to the Administrative Board
  • can get a return on their investment if approved at the annual General Meeting
  • will be invited to special events organized for members


  • same rights and benefits as regular members
  • offer 2 hours of their time each month to give a helping hand at OUNI
  • receive a “starter pack” (composed of one jar and organic cotton bags)
  • can participate in workshops and seminars at OUNI for half price
  • have the chance to join our working groups
  • receive a discount of 5% on all items in store

Buying Shares

You can actively support OUNI by becoming a member of the cooperative. To become a member, you can buy one (or several) share(s). A share is set at the price of €100. Although buying one share is enough to become a member, we encourage you to buy more shares in order to support the growth of the cooperative.

  1. Download and read the OUNI statutes and charter.

  2. Complete the online registration form

  3. Transfer the amount of your share(s) to the OUNI bank account (full details on registration form).

  4. You will then receive a membership certificate. Welcome!

Questions? Email us at cooperative(at)ouni.lu