An active member under the spotlight

An active member under the spotlight

First name: Pierre

Nationality: French

Place of residence: Luxembourg City (Kirchberg)

Profession: translator

Languages : French, German, Italian, English, Portuguese

Hobbies: Rowing, photography, travelling, concerts and (far too little) reading

Why did you decide to invest in OUNI?

I was introduced to the project by a colleague, and I wanted to support the idea because I cook practically all my own meals and the ingredients are therefore essential. I realised that a shop like OUNI provided me with the opportunity to consume in a responsible and positive way because the products have already been pre-selected.

At the start I was mostly interested in sustainable products of a high-quality and as locally-sourced as possible. The associated path to reducing the waste produced came afterwards and I indeed now pay a lot more attention to this each day.

Another aspect has also arisen as part of this decision, one linked to the way I have organised my time since I have been in Luxembourg. Despite a demanding job and attractive range of leisure and cultural activities on offer, it was important to me to dedicate at least two hours per month to a project that affects such an essential part of my daily life as food.

Do you have a memorable experience from your hours working at the store?

I get on extremely well with my shift partner, Julien: it’s rare to find someone as passionate as I am when it comes to going down to the bins and cleaning the floors of a Monday evening. He has been in Luxembourg for a lot longer than I have and does a great deal more within OUNI (in fact he’s a member of the board), so I also make the most of the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments.

Leaving the shop spick and span ready for opening the next morning is fulfilling; it’s a task that symbolises the way we help one another, which for me is a key aspect within a cooperative.

Do you have a favourite product?

If I wanted to be seen as an exemplary member, I’d choose the solid toothpaste, both for the zero waste aspect and its practicality. If I’m honest though, I’d find it hard to give up the hazelnut yoghurt, the tomato sauce with grilled aubergines, the crystallised ginger in dark chocolate and all of the different types of cashew nuts.

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