Have you met… Tifenn?

Have you met… Tifenn?

An active member under the spotlight

First name: Tifenn

Nationality: French

Place of residence: Luxembourg City (next to OUNI)

Profession: urban architect

Family: a 6-year-old boy

Hobbies: piano, meditation, travel

Working group: Products and Suppliers

Why did you decide to invest in OUNI?

Having grown up with a very ecologically-minded mother, it is a natural environment for me. Someone gave me Béa Johnson’s book as a gift one day and it made me passionate about Zero Waste. But without a shop where you can bulk buy, it was not easy to live 100% this way. I heard about OUNI at the Fête de la nature, even before the shop opened. It was exactly what was I missing, so it was only natural that I got involved in the project. The opening of the shop right next to my home was also a real stroke of luck!

Do you have a memorable experience from your hours working at the store?

I had the opportunity to lead one of the school visits with a group of teenagers who came as part of their economics class. While teenagers are often described as jaded and hard to motivate, I was extremely impressed by their commitment and motivation. They asked very relevant questions that clearly showed their interest in this project. More generally, I find that these school visits are a really useful and well thought out initiative of OUNI. It is very important to educate children, but also the wider public. This is one of our major missions.

You have been candidate member of the Board during last General Meeting in May 2018. What is your motivation?

I have been a member of the Products and Suppliers working group since the beginning, but I am interested in many things and have appeared in many other groups. I felt the need to have a more global vision, to have the impression of contributing to more and to break free from the fragmented sphere of working groups to really contribute to our common project. I hope that the Board of Directors will give me the opportunity.

Do you have a favourite product?

I come to OUNI with my son every day after school. We each have a pastry and I always choose the poppy seed bun. They are really delicious, even more so since I now associate them with this bonding moment between my son and me.

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