Have you met… José?

Have you met… José?

An active member under the spotlight

Name: José

Nationality: Spanish

Residence: Limpertsberg (has lived in Luxembourg since 2011)

Profession: legal expert at the EIB

Languages : Spanish (mother tongue), English, French, learning Luxembourgish and Dutch

Hobbies: football (plays in the Pfaffenthal club), salsa, gardening (he has an allotment in the Limpertsberg communal garden)


Why did you decide to invest in OUNI?

My girlfriend’s family (Judith, who was under the spotlight in a previous newsletter) have a flea market background. They never buy anything new, but always second hand. This impacted me and I quickly discovered a passion for recycling and reusing.

I heard about OUNI when they began to fundraise. Vanessa, one of the founding members who also works in the EIB, did some advertising there that I noticed. For me, what interested me in OUNI was the idea of creating a space that was aiming to be both ecological and social, which allowed you to buy local products at the same time as forging links with new people.

In addition, I also think that even OUNI’s name itself is really apt and its link with the Luxembourgish language is one to be applauded.


Do you have a memorable experience from your hours spent working at the store?

For some time now, I have started to spend my shift at the recycling centre. I take everything that has accumulated over the course of the month there, filling my car to the brim, and this never fails to give rise to strange situations. For example, when I bumped into my neighbour there pushing two caddies full to bursting with packaging, he was flabbergasted, to say the least. I felt obliged to explain to him that this wasn’t all my rubbish…

There have also been times when the agents there, when they spot me arriving with so much packaging, stop me to ask whether it’s waste from a company. In fact, companies only have access to the recycling centre from Tuesday through to Friday, and I go on a Saturday. But, when I explained that it was a cooperative, they fortunately turned a blind eye.

The advantage is that I already know my way round the centre and so I know exactly where each type of waste has to go. Even if the staff there are always happy to help.

I find the issue of waste management at OUNI quite fascinating. Of course, there is waste, it would be impossible for there not to be. But one should note that everything (or perhaps we should say 99%) can be recycled. At the end of the day, when you think about it, the shop recycles instead of households doing so. And if you think about it like that, one carload per month (since I’m the only person to go there), is really not all that much for a shop such as OUNI and its monthly turnover…


Do you have a favourite product?

My favourite product is without a doubt the apple muffin. I’ve got into the habit of grabbing one when I work a shift and I eat it on the way to the recycling centre!

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