Have you met… Judith?

Have you met… Judith?

An active member under the spotlight

First name: Judith

Nationality: Dutch

Profession: Translator

Residence: Limpertsberg

Family: Living with José (also an active member :-))

Languages: Dutch, Spanish, French, English

Hobbies: salsa dancing, cycling, reading, cooking, travelling, learning Italian, and, last but not least, gardening!

What made you invest time and money in OUNI?

When I first found out about OUNI in autumn 2016, I was immediately enthusiastic because of the usual reasons: a possibility to contribute to helping the environment, a way of meeting new people in Luxembourg with the same ideology, an aversion towards the “plastic soup” in our oceans, a way to be a more conscious consumer…

I was also reminded of my visit to Tajikistan earlier that year, where many shops worked in a similar way. In order to bring the local honey, nuts and tea back home, I had to use my own jars and bags. Even the milkman who passed by each day asked his clients to bring their own bottles. Although their motivation was not ecological but rather economic, I also realized how far our supermarkets have distanced themselves from this much more environment-friendly way of shopping.

Do you have a memorable experience of your hours spent working at the shop?

When my parents came to visit me earlier this year, I brought them to OUNI (of course :)). They liked it a lot, as it reminded them of the grocery stores they used to do their shopping in when they were children. I actually didn’t expect this reaction, because nowadays zero-waste shops are quite a new phenomenon. I tend to forget that in the early days this was the only way people did their shopping.

Do you have a favourite product?

As a real Dutch person, I grew up on bread with peanut butter and I still love it! So I really enjoy all the delicious varieties of NUX nut spreads. They are even better than the traditional “pindakaas”, which normally contains palm oil and other unnecessary additives.

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