Have you met… Thierno Oury?

Have you met… Thierno Oury?

An active member under the spotlight

Name: Thierno Oury

Nationality: Guinean (Guinea-Conakry)

Place of residence: Bourscheid (came to Luxembourg six months ago)

Hobbies: working out, football

Why did you decide to invest in OUNI?

The person who gives us English lessons, Francisca, is also an OUNI active member. She told us about various different associations where we could get involved and OUNI was one of them. Plus, she arranged a visit to the shop and I liked it a lot straightaway.

For me it’s important to have an activity, to not just remain idle like some other people in the foyer. It helps me to keep the momentum going until the end of the procedure to obtain refugee status and should allow me to better integrate.

Do you have a memorable experience from your hours spent working at the store?

I enjoy working in the shop, I’ve met lots of really nice people there, such as Delphine, who has been so lovely right from the beginning.

I like doing all sorts of tasks, as a rule I’m happy to do whatever needs to be done. I’ve also discovered various things by working in the shop, for instance kiwi fruit, which you don’t see in my country, and also the bars of shampoo and soap. And I sometimes get a little confused when reading the product names which are written in German, but I’m luckily usually able to recognise them when I see them.

Do you have a favourite product?

Certain products remind me of my country, such as the bananas. Coffee, too, since I grew up on a coffee plantation.

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