Have you met… Cristina?

Have you met… Cristina?

An active member under the spotlight

First name: Cristina

Nationality: Italian

Profession: Business owner; co-founder of social enterprise Mamie et moi

Residence: Bonnevoie; has resided permanently in Luxembourg since 2011

Family: one little girl aged five and a half

Languages: Italian, French, English and a little German

Reading: Essays on Frugal Abundance by Serge Latouche; Le mie amiche streghe, by Silvia Bencivelli ; The Guardian Weekly (every week); “Histoire du poil” by Marie-France Auzépy and Joël Cornette

What made you invest time and money in OUNI?

For a long time I have been interested in social economy projects. When I was still living in Italy, I created the first co-housing company in 2006-2007. I then travelled for several years from one eco-village to another, in search of alternative lifestyles, not theoretical or ideological but ones well put into practice. For me, these were real areas of experimentation from which lessons can be drawn to apply to society in general.

In Luxembourg, I was interested from the outset in the OUNI project, which is part of the same vein. I met Rebecca and then Caroline during training sessions on the creation of social enterprises and I was drawn to their project. We had even considered pooling our projects at some point, for example to rent premises.

I am very attached to the very principle of the cooperative, which makes the OUNI project a very special experience. We need to change our consumer perspective and accept that we need to give our time and energy to improve what we want to see improved, because it is our store and we are all responsible for its evolution. In addition, the cooperative system requires us to be willing to discuss, negotiate, and make decisions, because we all have the same weight in this matter. And this can be learned, especially in a world where we have become accustomed to decisions that affect us being made over our heads. OUNI is in fact an experience of a new model of society.

You were elected as a member of the Board of Directors at the last General Assembly. What was your motivation?

I just want to go further in my civic engagement and in my contribution to this project. I was also part of the Finance group, which I find very important, but as was the case with many of the board members and we had to restore balance, I recently joined the Environmental impact group which I am equally interested in. We have many projects and we need more members to carry them out!

Do you have a memorable experience at the shop?

I am currently being trained as an active member, so I have not yet had the opportunity to work at the store, but I have been an assiduous client from the beginning. As such, I have of course noticed that shopping at OUNI involves a real upheaval of everyday habits. I always make sure that I get supplies first at OUNI. I also appreciate the place itself, a real effort was put in to make it pleasant and friendly, full of life, and conducive to a community spirit.

Do you have a favourite product?

I am a great fan of cashew nuts grilled with tamari! Accompanied by a beer, they make a very good snack, which is not without risk when working from home …

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