And the bees knead the bread… of course!

And the bees knead the bread… of course!

Maybe have you already seen that OUNI offers bee bread in its large range of products? You probably had some questions on how come such a product exists? Or maybe, why should I try such a unusual and surprising product? Indeed, we must say that its appearance and taste are not usual but included it in our offer for you for good reasons !

Bees do have a lot of talents but… they cannot knead any dough (as far as I know). The bee bread is actually bee pollen with added nectar and enzymes and stored in brood cells.

This product has a spicy taste and can be used as a topping with yogurts or fruit salads for example. Our provider, Vince from Naturalis Balance, is telling you more about the bee bread nutritional values in the below video.

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