The Manager under the spotlight

The Manager under the spotlight

First name: Amélie

Nationality: French

Work experience: international trade (development support for SMEs); user experience (i.e. improving the working experience in factories)

Residence: just arrived in Luxembourg after having lived in India for five years

Amélie, OUNI's Manager

Amélie, OUNI’s manager

What made you invest money and time in OUNI?

In India, I was really made aware of environmental issues: it’s a country where they are unmissable, whether it is rubbish piling up in the streets or difficulties with access to water, you just can’t ignore them. This is why I founded an association with four other people with a view to raising local inhabitants’ awareness of waste management and to ensuring the protection of lakes (in Bangalore, this is a huge problem, rubbish and wastewater is thrown directly into them…). When my husband got a job in Luxembourg, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity for me to dedicate all my time to an environmental project, one idea being to open a zero waste shop. I did some research and quickly came upon the OUNI cooperative project. I then contacted the founders to find out how to commit myself more to this project. Becoming an active member was the first step.

Because you are since May more than an active member?

Yes. I wanted to work full time on such a project, so when the manager’s job was published, I sent my application and OUNI took me on. I started working at the beginning of May, after several weeks of intense training!

Do you have a memorable experience of your hours spent working at the shop?

I certainly won’t forget the time I broke a bag of spelt on the pallet in the storage room. It was not easy to clean it up, especially since I had to move all the other bags, about 25 kg apiece!

I was also very excited to see Béa Johnson at the shop a little over a month ago. I have been a big fan for a long time!

Do you have a favourite product?

Several! Number one on the list is certainly the goat’s cheese aged with white wine (“Steenel Betschel”). It’s a local product, and I really appreciate how OUNI takes care to get its products from local producers. And this cheese is just so delicious!

And… Amélie is expecting a baby in a few months! OUNI is therefore recruiting a part time Manager for a 11 months contract starting in March 2018. Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to write to us!

JOB POSITION – Part time Manager for 11 months

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