Presentation ‘Zero Waste for Beginners’ with Workshop ‘Zero Waste in the Bathroom.’


30 Mar Presentation ‘Zero Waste for Beginners’ with Workshop ‘Zero Waste in the Bathroom.’

25th June 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm
55 Rue Glesener
1631 Luxembourg


In the presentation I will give a complete overview on how to achieve a (nearly) zero waste lifestyle. I will address the basic principles and then go through all of the different parts of the household and suggest alternatives to wasteful practices and products. We will look at the bathroom, hygiene and makeup in more detail.

After the presentation, we will make some zero waste organic beauty products: whipped bodybutter, deodorant, sunscreen and (tinted) lipbalm.

Participation fees

For OUNI-members (please include information when booking):
9 Euros + 11 Euros for the ingredients.
5 active OUNI members can participate at the reduced price.

Others: 18 Euros + 11 Euros for the ingredients. There are 10 spaces available at the regular price.


Please send an email to for registration.

The host

Laura Faust

I started my journey towards a zero waste lifestyle in 2012. I came across different documentaries and blogs which made me aware of the environmental and health problems associated with the material plastic. Shortly after learning about these problems, I walked along the beach on holiday and noticed that the windier weather and higher waves of the night before had washed a lot of plastic trash onto the previously very clean beach. This realisation led me to drastically reduce the amount of plastic I was consuming and later on, further research
into the topic brought the
zero waste movement to my attention.Logo_lesswaste_lessworries (1)

I started to apply its principles and working towards a zero waste lifestyle has changed the way I consume and live and in March of 2015 I started my Instagram account @lesswaste_lessworries to document the changes and to spread the message of zero waste. My blog with the same name will hopefully be ready to launch soon.





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