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OUNI will grow

In recent months, OUNI has turned to its commercial expansion. The exploration of several trails throughout the country put us on the road to a second grocery store in Dudelange. This choice brings together the support of the municipality, the dynamism of a local community of inhabitants carrying the project, as well as a pool of customers and potential members very important in the south of the country.

This second store will open thanks to the capital contribution that the purchases of shares dedicated to Dudelange will make. This “local” fundraising event will help cover the costs of the installation, while making the interest of the inhabitants of the south of the country clear.

If you want to support this opening, buy one or more parts! In addition, all talents are welcome to lend a hand to the development of the store, but also in the long run as active members.

True to its DNA, OUNI will remain one and the same cooperative, the only legal entity with two points of sale. The General Assembly of members, held on Wednesday, June 19, validated this project with great enthusiasm. Indeed, the OUNI cooperative aims to bring bio without packaging to as many consumers as possible, eager to make eco-friendly purchases closer to home. Information meetings will be held shortly to answer questions on #OUNIDudelange.

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    - same rights and benefits as regular members
    - offer 2 hours of their time each month to give a helping hand at OUNI
    - receive a “starter pack” (composed of one jar and organic cotton bags)
    - can participate in workshops and seminars at OUNI for half price
    - have the chance to join our working groups
    - receive a discount of 5% on all items in store