Have you met… Aurélie?

Have you met… Aurélie?

An active member under the spotlight

First name: Aurélie

Nationality: Luxembourgish

Place of Residence: Cents

Occupation: Actuary for an insurance commissioner

Hobbies: biking and hiking, photography, travelling, and especially eating well!

Why did you decide to invest in OUNI?

After studying in France, I worked for a while in Switzerland, where I began to live in a more ecological way by giving up the car for the benefit of walking and cycling. In addition, I am a member of several associations in Luxembourg, including voluntary organisations for refugees. I also created my own non-profit, KUL-TOUR (Knowing Urban Luxembourg), which offers activities related to discovering Luxembourg from a cultural and non-tourist point of view. We organise visits to small local companies such as breweries, for example. Consequently, the voluntary sector is no stranger to me. So when I heard via Facebook about the event at Rotondes to present the OUNI project, I went there with interest. I was immediately impressed by the diversity of the people present, in terms of nationality and age. It was above all the human aspect that appealed to me.

You were elected as a member of the Administrative Board at the last General Assembly. What was your motivation?

I have been involved in the Finance group from the beginning. It was the most logical group to join because of my professional experience, and I actually took care of registering insurance for OUNI! Investing myself in the Administrative Board represented a further step in my commitment. I wanted to have an overview, to be able to follow the whole process of decision-making and participate more effectively. The Finance group deals with figures and estimates, but being part of the Board allows me to contribute to a specific objective.

For me, the next step will be to do everything possible to make sure that OUNI reaches the turnover we have set ourselves, or even exceeds it. Our big challenge will also be to find a way to continue motivating active members! We have a lot of projects to set up next year, such as bicycle delivery, collaborations with restaurants, etc. I am very curious to see them come to fruition!

Do you have a memorable experience of your hours spent working at the shop?

Like many people, I had the bad experience of filling a silo and seeing the bottom come loose when replacing it… Now I no longer forget to hold the silo from beneath! In general, I am lucky to have a good relationship with the active member who has their recurrent shift at the same time as me. It’s nice to know that from time to time, we will work with someone who we can talk to about our week or holidays, and have a good time. It’s the little extra that makes my shift go by even faster!

Do you have a favourite product?

Definitely the mixture of roasted and salted nuts. They go very well with an aperitif and also make a delicious snack when I get home from work.

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