Have you met… Vince?

Have you met… Vince?

An active member under the spotlight

First name: Vincent

Nationality: British

Place of residence: Limpertsberg

Profession: Marketing professor in a business school; head of a company selling organic food supplements online (the bee bread is his!). For more information: www.naturalisbalance.com

Hobbies: eating and to not waste (therefore eating more!), fitness (generally interested in the well-being of body and mind). Adept at a “happy life”: seeking a balance in all aspects of life – private/professional, mind/body – to live happily.

Why did you decide to invest in OUNI?

Firstly for the sake of ecology. If today waste sorting has become the norm, I consider that reducing or even eliminating packaging is the next step. It is imperative to support more projects that respect for the environment and the promotion of organic food.

I got involved from the beginning in the OUNI project, which I heard about through my wife, who works with Rebecca, one of the founders.

Do you have a memorable experience of your hours spent working at the shop?

To be honest, I am sort of the “mule” of the shop. This is the flip side to my passion for fitness: I am ideally suited to carry large 25 kg bags and I usually do my shift at the time of deliveries. Six months passed before I discovered that there are tasks other than carrying bags!

Do you have a favourite product?

I really like the solid shampoo, especially because it lasts so long (and even longer for me since I do not have a lot of hair!) but also because it is very convenient for travelling and there is really no packaging! I also like black toothpaste: its colour (due to the addition of activated carbon bleacher) is fun.

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