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Organic Unpackaged Natural Ingredients

The first packaging-free organic grocery store in Luxembourg, OUNI means “without” in Luxembourgish, and also stands for Organic Unpackaged Natural Ingredients. An environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional supermarkets, OUNI allows customers to do their grocery and household shopping while avoiding packaging waste. Instead, customers can fill and weigh their own containers with bulk food products, or purchase items such as milk and yogurt in reusable glass bottles and jars.


With over 30% of all consumer waste generated from packaging, OUNI gives customers the opportunity to actively live a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.


The store features a wide range of organic, local and/or fair-trade food, household and hygiene products, all packaging-free or in reusable packaging such as glass jars.


Not only a place to shop, OUNI is a community hub, with a café space and regular workshops and events on a range of environmental topics, such as waste prevention, recycling, repair and DIY.


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As of December 16th, 2016, we have:




Capital (€)

OUNI is a cooperative business, which means that it is fully owned and operated by its members.

We offer two types of membership:




Regular members own one or more shares, can vote and be elected to the BD, can get a return on their investment and are invited to special events.

Active member

Active members have the same rights and benefits as regular members, but in addition volunteer 2 hours per month and receive special discounts and a starter package.


ZERO WASTE LIFE STYLE a selwergemaachte Botzmëttel @ OUNI
Oct 1 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Wat ass de Zero Waste Lifestyle?

… doheemimg_2858-1
… an der Kichen
… am Buedzëmmer
… ënnerwee

Fannt eraus wei och Dir ganz einfach Äert Liewen ouni Offall kennt gestallten!

Duerno stelle mer zesummen eng Rei Botzmëttel hier déi der gäre kennt mat heem huelen. Bréngt dofir w.e.g. entspriechend Behältere matt (eidel Fläschen, eidel Gebeessglieser, …).


Normal: 45 €
Aktiv Membere vun OUNI – 50%: 22.5€


Schreift Iech a via Dir kritt dann déi néideg Bankinformatiounen zougeschéckt. Well Platze limitéiert sinn, gëllt Är Inscriptioun eréischt wann bezuelt ass. Vergiesst net ze ernimme wann der aktive Member vun OUNI sidd, well 5 Plaze sinn extra fir Iech reservéiert.


Tania Gibéryen

zero waste lifestyle expert

Iwwert mech:

Wou ech während e puer Joer an der kanadescher Arktis gewunnt hunn, weit ewech vum Materialismus an der Surconsommatioun, ass meng gréng Oder esou richteg stimuléiert ginn, an ech hunn geleiert Offall esou gutt ewéi ganz ze vermeiden an déi meescht Haushalts- a Kosmetiksproduite selwer ze maan. Et sinn ënnert anerem Friichte vun dëser Evolutioun déi ech mat Iech an dësem Workshop wäert deelen.


(EN) ZERO WASTE LIFE STYLE and homemade natural cleaning products
(FR) Mode de vie ZERO WASTE et produits ménagers naturels fait maison (multilingual EN/FR) @ OUNI
Oct 1 @ 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm


What’s the zero waste lifestyle all about?

… at home
… in the kitchenimg_2858-1
… in the bathroom
… outside the house

Discover how you too can easily transition to a zero waste lifestyle and dump the bin.

We will also jointly produce a series cleaning products that you can take home. Please think about bringing the necessaries recipients, like empty bottles, mason jars, …


Qu’est-ce que le mode de vie Zero Waste?

… à la maison
… dans la cuisine
… dans la salle de bain
… en sortant de la maison

Découvrez comment réussir la transition vers le Zero Waste chez vous !

En plus nous allons réaliser plusieurs produits ménagers ensemble que vous pouvez rapporter chez vous. Pensez à amener des contenants appropriés (bouteilles, pots de confiture).


Participation fees / Frais de participation

Regular: 45 €
OUNI active members – 50%: 22.5€

Régulier : 45 €
Membres actifs d’OUNI– 50% : 22.5€

Registration / Inscription

Sign up under You will then receive the necessary bank information to complete your registration.
Your registration will be safely booked as soon as your payment is received. Please don’t forget to indicate if you are an active member of OUNI as 5 spots will be reserved especially for you.

Inscrivez-vous via et n’oubliez pas d’indiquer si vous êtes membres actifs d’OUNI, car 5 places vous sont spécifiquement réservées dans cet atelier.
Vous recevrez les coordonnées bancaires à ce moment-là. Les places étant limitées, la réservation sera confirmée dès réception de votre virement.

Note: Please indicate your preferred language for the workshop to be held in.

Note : Svp indiquez la langue véhiculaire dans laquelle vous préférez que l’atelier se déroulera.

Host / Intervenant

Tania Gibéryen

zero waste lifestyle expert

About me:

While I lived for a longer period in the Canadian Arctic, far away from materialism and consumerism, I learned how to no longer produce any trash and how to do my own cleaning products and cosmetics. I will take you on my journey and share with you the fruits of this evolving process.

A propos de moi :

Ayant depuis toujours une fibre verte, j’ai étudié les changements climatiques dans le Grand Nord canadien. Ayant vécu plusieurs années dans l’arctique canadienne, loin du matérialisme, j’ai appris comment vivre sans produire de déchets et à réaliser la majorité de mes produits cosmétiques et ménagers moi-même. Ce sont entre autres les fruits de ce processus en constante évolution que je vais partager avec vous dans cet atelier.


“Plantography” – Creating images with plant ink @ OUNI
Oct 15 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm


The workshop ‘Plantography’ is about creating images with plant ink.planthography_workshopkvrancken_e2a0406
The Anthotype process uses vegetables like cabbage, beetroots and other plants to create inks that change colors when exposed to sun or other reacting agents (acid/basic solvents like lemon or baking soda).

This process is not only beautiful, but is also environmentally friendly. All the ingredients are natural and can be found locally and there are no synthetic ingredients in the process.

Plantography will spark your curiosity and will help you to understand some basic environmental science principles in a creative way.

Every participant will create an artefact that can then be brought at home.

Participation fees

Regular price 50 €
Price for OUNI active members 25 €


Places are limited.
Please write an e-mail to indicating if you are an OUNI active member or not.
You will then receive the information and bank details. Your place is safely booked as soon as you send the proof of payment by e-mail (a scan or screenshot would suffice).


The host

Socialmatter Design Studio
Giacomo Piovan, Kristof Vrancken

More info:

Socialmatter site:

Blog post from workshop at MUDAM:

Socialmatter is a design studio working on social and environmental evolving realities. The studio consists of designers Lynn Schammel and Giacomo Piovan. Working as a team, they offer products, strategies and events for co-design new products and services together with socially engaged organisations.



Workshop for kids: Sustainable Development for Kids (in English) @ OUNI
Nov 12 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Workshop for kids: Sustainable Development for Kids (in English) @ OUNI | Luxembourg | District de Luxembourg | Luxembourg


« Sustainable Development for kids» is a playful workshop that helps raising the awareness of kids aged 7 to 12 with regards to the subject.

What is Sustainable Development?
How is our planet doing today?
Games and activities around the subject
What is climate change?
Activity « Sorting my waste».
The 3 R’s : Reduce, reuse and recycle.
How can we protect the environment at home?

(Un atelier en Français est aussi disponible. Merci de consulter l’ agenda pour les prochaines dates.)


Participation fees

Price per child: 20€
Two children from the same family: 18€ each child
Price for OUNI active members: 10€


Places are limited. Please send an e-mail to , indicating the date your child wishes to participate and if you are an OUNI active member. You will then receive the bank details from “A Beautiful Green”. Your place is safely booked as soon as you’ve transferred the participation fee.

The host

About me:

« Raising sustainable development awareness amongst parents and children is my mission. We need to take urgent actions, and we cannot wait any longer. »

Cintia Procaci, a mother of two and worried about the future of our planet, studies about the subject and put it into practice every day in her life. With an experience of about two years in the field, she founded “A Beautiful Green”, a company with a mission of raising the awareness of parents and children with regards to the subject.

Cintia believes that the right education on Sustainable Development provides children with attitudes, skills, and knowledge that will enable them to become engaged, active, informed, and responsible citizens.





We’re Vanessa, Saskia, Patricia, Kasia, Rebecca, Caroline and Anne, and we’re passionate about living more sustainably!

The Ouni Team