A Green Guide to Luxembourg @ OUNI
Sep 17 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Are you new to the city and confused about all the different coloured bins and bags? Have you lived here forever, but want to know how to live a greener life? Here are some of the topics we will talk about:

Where and how do I recycle?
Where can I buy pre-used or eco-friendly goods?
Where can I sell or donate things?
Where can I learn more?
What else can I do?

This workshop will be very interactive, so please share your tips and experiences with the other participants!

Don’t hesitate to participate or ask your questions in French, German or Luxembourgish!

Participation fees

Regular price 20 €
Price for OUNI active members 10 €

(price includes non-alcoholic drinks and a little snack)


Places are limited.

Please sign up under, indicating if you are an OUNI active member.

You will then receive the bank details. Your place is safely booked as soon as you’ve transferred the participation fee.

The hostIMG_0818-3_(1)

Ulla Schröttle
Decluttering & Organizing Services

About me:

I’m Ulla, and I have tried to live a mindful life even before I knew that “Mindfulness” existed. Curiosity has always been my defining character trait, so over the years I learned quite a lot about many subjects.

In my workshops I would like to share my knowledge with you and learn something new from your thoughts and questions. Some of my favourite topics are: literature, cooking and eating, how to live a good life, and simplifying.




“Plantography” – Creating images with plant ink @ OUNI
Oct 15 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm


The workshop ‘Plantography’ is about creating images with plant ink.planthography_workshopkvrancken_e2a0406
The Anthotype process uses vegetables like cabbage, beetroots and other plants to create inks that change colors when exposed to sun or other reacting agents (acid/basic solvents like lemon or baking soda).

This process is not only beautiful, but is also environmentally friendly. All the ingredients are natural and can be found locally and there are no synthetic ingredients in the process.

Plantography will spark your curiosity and will help you to understand some basic environmental science principles in a creative way.

Every participant will create an artefact that can then be brought at home.

Participation fees

Regular price 50 €
Price for OUNI active members 25 €


Places are limited.
Please write an e-mail to indicating if you are an OUNI active member or not.
You will then receive the information and bank details. Your place is safely booked as soon as you send the proof of payment by e-mail (a scan or screenshot would suffice).


The host

Socialmatter Design Studio
Giacomo Piovan, Kristof Vrancken

More info:

Socialmatter site:

Blog post from workshop at MUDAM:

Socialmatter is a design studio working on social and environmental evolving realities. The studio consists of designers Lynn Schammel and Giacomo Piovan. Working as a team, they offer products, strategies and events for co-design new products and services together with socially engaged organisations.